Kengityspalvelu Lee Canham


Hello, I am Lee Canham and I am a Qualified Farrier working in southern Finland. I was born in Swansea, Wales in 1968.

I lived on a farm as a young boy and my mother had a horse and she was competing in show jumping.

My first own real expierience with horses was when I was 14 years old, I started working after school for a race stable in Northampton called Gainsborough Hill Stud Farm, I left school early and began to work there full time as a stable lad and an apprentice jockey. They had 23 Race Horses and my favorite was a horse called, Worling Duke, He was an ex police horse who was injured in a terrorist bomb attack in London and became a race horse,aswell as becoming a very good friend to me.

The stable owner trained horses as well as riders and encouraged me to become a flat race Jockey and I was granted a studying place in the newest school of Newmarket. The prospect of me becoming a proffessional jockey ended when i was 17, partly because of the fact that my parents were at that time moving to Spain and partly because I disagreed with the stable owner in several things concerning the horses wellbeing.

After a while I moved to Spain as well and lived there for 8 years, ending up in Sweden for a couple of years working with dog breeding, after this I moved to Iceland for 2 years and then back to Spain again for a while.

I moved to Finland in 1997 and worked here for almost 2 years, then I moved to UK to help my mother with her business and then finally finding myself in Finland again in September 2001.

I went to a farrier school in Kiuruvesi while doing an apprenticeship with a very wellknown and excellent farrier and then began to work as a fulltime Farrier myself in 2003. I later graduated from Hevosopisto, Ypäjä in 2004.

I find special interest in horses suffering from laminitis and navicular problems. I have helped several and get fulltime satisfaction in seeing their progress,The greatest satisfaction is for the horse of course...but also for me too.
I continue to work with these horses and each time I do,I am aware that this for me, It?s much much more than just a job.

Horses are like an ecosystem of their own. They have to get treated properly, fed properly, respected,loved and cared for and ridden properly.
Most of all..their sense of freedom should always be reminded to them, so they can happily offer us more to understand about themselves.

Of all the projects we have achieved and all the progress we have made here at Storgard , still my favourite part of the horses lives here,is the pleasure they give me to see them free in their plentiful fields each day when I arrive home from work.
That is when Horses teach me the most about themselves and their lives.
There is not a day goes by or a horse goes by that leaves me without time to think of how I can live my life to it?s fullest or how I can do my work the best I possibly can. If a person treats another person badly...both people suffer.

If a horse is shodd badly,the horse will suffer,not always immediatly but eventually. A horse is dependant on us more than the horse is dependant on his or her own self... And is one of the only living creatures that willfully puts it?s life in our hands. It is an unwritten rule in my book, that whoever has daily contact with a horse has a responsibilty that comes with that privilidge.
I believe that each horse that I am privilidged to work with means that I have a certain responsibility for the well being of that horse.

Most people ask me why I live in Finland , so I will answer that question before anybody else asks me...
Finland is full of vast,beautiful nature,It has dramatic differences in seasons and Finland has a Sauna. Sauna is mankinds best invention since the wheel and the horseshoe. Nothing is more relaxing than jumping in the lake or sea after a good sauna, and in the winter to roll around in pure,fresh snow. Finland is quite different from the UK in many ways...
most of all it is more relaxing.

I do have other interests than Sauna,which include, First.. my family,then travelling, writing songs, riding again if and when I get the time and travelling, I like travelling, also I like getting to know every dog?s name that I meet every day and last but not least... I like travelling... Lapland is on our visiting list as I still have not been there. Defrosting frozen water pipes in the winter has also become a little hobby of mine... inbetween travelling.
Luckily for me and my family... all of us have the same main interest.. which is travelling... AND OF COURSE ... HORSES.

If you have any questions, whatsoever concerning shoeing or some other horse troubles you are not quite sure about...please do not hesitate to mail me at Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.   and I will be happy to help in any way I can.
I try to advise all my clients to contact me through SMS as it is quite often I do not answer the telephone immediatly.
It has been said that I do not answer the telephone at all...But that is not true...I never answer while working.


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